¢§ Presidential election information  2007/03/16(fri)
¢§ Prime Ministre Koizumi tastes Mauritanian Tea  2006/09/06(wed)
¢§ Japanese government visits Mauritania  2006/09/01(fri)
¢§ S.M.C.P at the Sea Food Show  2006/08/04(Fri)
¢§ Grant Aid to Mauritania (Food Aid)  2006/07/12(wed)
¢§ Minister of Energy and Petrol in Japan  2006/07/12(wed)
¢§ Ambassador to Malaysia  2006/05/09(tue)
¢§ Miss Africa was invited to Mauritania  2006/03/06(mon)

Presidential election information
Presidential election was held on March 11, 2007 as a final stage to Democracy followed by the Military Council for Justice and Democracy founded after the coup d'etat in August 2005. 1,134,774 registered to vote, and 70.07% of them turned out to vote in the election. Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdellahi led among 19 candidates, but he could not have the majority, therefor the second round will be held on March 25 between Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdellahi and Mr. A£èmed Ould Daddah who was in second place.
Date: 2007/03/16(fri)

Prime Ministre Koizumi tastes Mauritanian Tea

The African Fair was held in Odaiba from September 2 to 4. Prime Ministre Koizumi visited there on the first day and tasted Mauritanian traditional Mint Tea at the Mauritanian booth.
Date: 2006/09/06(wed)

Japanese government visits Mauritania
A Japanese fovernement delegation led by Vice-Ministre for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Shintaro Ito visited Nouakchott on August 27, and had talks on enhancing bilateral cooperation.
Date: 2006/09/01(fri)

S.M.C.P at the Sea Food Show
S.M.C.P. (Mauritanian Fish Trade Company) participated in the 8th Japan International Sea Food Show which was held from July 19 to 21 at Tokyo Big Sight, and introduced their famous octopus and squid for Japanese Market. Facing the Pacific Ocean, Mauritania is rich in marine resources, and exports them to the world market. Octopus is exported mainly to Japan and 40% of them comes from Mauritania to Japanese Market.
Date: 2006/08/04(Fri)

Grant Aid to Mauritania (Food Aid)

According to the Japansese Grant Aid (Food Aid), the contract has been made between the Islamtic Republic of Mauritaia and Sojitz, and the General Manager of Sojitz and the Ambassador singed on this contract on July 10, 2006 at the Embassy
Date: 2006/07/12(wed)

Minister of Energy and Petrol in Japan

Minister of Energy and Petrol of Mauritania, H.E.Mr. Mohamed Aly Ould Sidi Mohamed visited Japan from July 3 to 8, and lectured about the Hydrocarbon exploration opportunities in Mauritania at the ICEP seminar of July 5. The reception hosted by the Embassy was held on July 6 at the Hotel New Otani in honor of his visit.
Date: 2006/07/12(wed)

Ambassador to Malaysia
H.E. Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Jaafar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mauritania to Japan presented his credetial letters to His Majesty the King of Malaysia and was appointed as the non-resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Malaysia on May 2, 2006
Date: 2006/05/09(tue)

Miss Africa was invited to Mauritania
Miss Yoshida Asuka, who was elected Miss Africa at the Africa Live of Expo Aichi 2005 was invited to Mauritania this March, and the reception was held at the Ambassador's Residence on 27 February 2006 comemorating her departure.
Date: 2006/03/06(mon)

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